Messiah CRC Church – Building Addition and Renovation


Hudsonville, MI

Square Footage:

Addition: 14,454SF, Renovation: 18,585 SF

Industry and Building Usage:


Budget Scope/Estimate:


Project Information:

The addition at Messiah Christian Reformed Church was truly one of a kind. This project had everything, blending new and 54 yr old interior and exterior finishes, matching existing floor elevations at 3 different levels, utilizing prefabricated structural components on all new bearing walls, incorporating unique design elements to meet energy and building code requirements, COVID-19 shutdowns, you name it, we dealt with it. Through open communication, weekly jobsite meetings and a general “roll up your sleeves and get it done” attitude, the project team was able to take these opportunities and turn them into success. The project was able to absorb the COVID-19 delays, incorporate additional scope (including a brand-new elevator) and was still able to complete on time with money left to spare. This project is the epitome of success.