Dingman's Bar and Grill


Kalkaska, MI

Square Footage:


Industry and Building Usage:

Retail and hospitality

Materials Used & Special Services Required:

Design, general contracting, site work, framing, carpentry, and custom millwork

Budget Scope/Estimate:


Project Information:

After the fire and total facility loss, the Dingman’s were unsure how to start over. FCC has a tender spot for anyone who has suffered loss due to fire. We began with discussions of budget and design working closely with ownership and banking relationships to develop a plan that would be feasible for the next season of the Dingman’s Bar and Grill. After many months of conversation and value engineering, the plan was to rebuild. We broke ground in the fall and was granted a very favorable winter for construction. FCC delivered a fresh and contemporary facility with plenty of character to carry on the Dingman’s story for many years to come.