Classic Transportation and Warehousing


Wayland, MI

Square Footage:

2021 - 145,000SF, 2022 - 175,000SF

Industry and Building Usage:


Budget Scope/Estimate:


Project Information:

FCC Construction delivered a pair of warehousing facilities to the Classic Transportation and Warehousing’s Wayland location. These were two separate projects the first was 145,000 sf and the second was 175,000 sf. Both projects had unique challenges, from extending municipal sewer, watermain, Class A road and utilities, this work required close collaboration between FCC, M&B, EGLE, Allegan County, Dorr Leighton Water Works, Dorr / Leighton Wastewater Authority, Leighton Township and Professional Code Inspectors. FCC was also involved in the real estate transaction to assemble the properties for this development. This development will be one that all involved with remember for a long time given the project size, huge 800+ yard floor pours, Covid-19 interruptions and unprecedented material cost escalations.